Hello and welcome to my knitting blog. I was taught how to knit by my mom when I was five or six years old. Since then I have been knitting for myself, my kids, family. I was always fascinated how knowing just two types of stitches knit and purl you can make a huge variety of patterns. I noticed that pretty often I tend to modify a pattern to improve it somehow, or make it a better fit. Over time I discovered that I also like creating my patterns, even though I don’t enjoy much recording them.

In my blog I want to share with you what I am working on, my patterns, and techniques worth trying. Knitwear is always in style! If you learn this skill, you can make your style very personal. When something is created with love and care, it is easily noticeable. Although I have knitted for so long, there is always something new to try or to learn.

Enjoy reading, enjoy learning!