It all started from the yarn. I fell in love with it when I saw it online at, could not even touch it. When I got it by mail, I rushed to open the package and touch it to see how it feels. It was so soft and fluffy. The colour of it painted a summer field with grass and flowers in my mind. I picked up a pen and draw this sketch on a piece of paper.

Summer top sketch

I wanted to make a summer top with lace, open bottom prefferable in chevron pattern. So, I started looking for patterns and making a swach. Ended up with a couple of swatches. The Shell Leaf stitch looked nice, but because of the yarn thikness variation the texture was not quite what I wanted.

Shell Lace Stitch

Shell lace stitch

I could not find any lace chevron stitches, so I tried a Vertical Lace stitch. It looked nice, plus I liked the curvy edging as well. So I decided to go with it.

Vertical Lace Stitch

Vertical Lace Stitch

I calculated the gauge, wrote down my measurements and started working bottom up. Captured my work half through the process. Here it is.

Summer Breeze Top

Then I ran into real problems with arm hole shaping. First, I wanted to make decreases on every row, right side and wrong side. Decreases on purl side looked really rought and different from the right side. I guess it was because of the yarn uneven thickness. I froged and decided to decrease only on the right side 2 stitches like this: k2tog, k1, k2tog, … and purl the wrong side. I looked much prettier. Here is how the front and back turned out.

Summer Breeze Top neckline

Front neck line


Summer Breeze Top back

Back neck line

Still need to block it and it will be ready to wear. I am also planning to post a pattern of it, so that you can make it as well. Stand by.